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Bagpipe music for your wedding. Wedding bagpiper.
For a wedding ceremony there are many ways to add the bagpiper to your service depending on the type of wedding you will have. We have placed wedding planning into four easy steps - all of which would be enhanced by the playing of a bagpiper:
  1. Arrival of bride at the church
  2. As the bridal couple leave the church
  3. As the limousine or bridal car arrives at the reception
  4. Playing the bridal couple to the head table
You can select a combination or all of the options above or request something new!

What my clients say...

“With all of the uncertainties wedding planning can bring, Kevin let me know from day one that he stands by his word. He was out there in the rain, piping away. When I arrived at the church I felt immediately excited, because Kevin was already playing as guests were arriving. Kevin has a personality of someone you feel you have known for years and the professionalism of someone you would trust with your most treasured memories. He looked perfect and sounded "Amazing". Thanks Kevin!”

— Pam M, October 2008, Highland NY

“He was ontime, and considering the fact that there was a car fire on the highway and even the judge was late for the wedding ceremony, I was very pleased he was there. His performance was a gift to my new husband and our wedding guests. They all enjoyed his performance and his entrance was perfect. Thanks Kevin!”

— Kimberly I, June 2008, Poughkeepsie NY
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