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My name is Kevin Grace and I am a professional bagpiper for hire. I love to play the pipes and have over 30 years experience playing in a vast array of events. I specialize at Wedding Bagpipes, Funeral Bagpipes, and special events.

I can travel to play anywhere in New York State, the Hudson Valley region, Northern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern Connecticut. Thank you for considering my services and I would be honored to play at your event and help make it a memorable occasion.

Wedding bagpiper: Add the joyous sounds of the highland pipes to your wedding celebration. Funeral bagpiper: The solemn dignity of the pipes to honor a loved one. Bagpipes for Special Occasions: Award Ceremonies, birthdays, christenings, parades, church services, civic events, more.

Funeral Bagpiper Hudson Valley, Wedding Bagpiper Hudson Valley